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Consider the convenience of an optional 7 day timer

A 7 day timer option is available for some heat pumps which allows a complete week to be pre-programmed, including the weekend, which is likely to have a different operating pattern than the rest of the working week. The 7 day timer can be programmed, for example, to automatically pre-heat your room 60 minutes before you get up in the morning at 6.30am, then turn off when you leave at 8.00am, turn on at 5.00pm to pre-heat your room for your return from work at 6.00pm and automatically turn off at 10pm when you retire for the night.


Turning the temperature up to 27°C will not heat a room more quickly!

Occupants sometimes believe that by turning the temperature up to 27°C, they can make a room heat up faster. This isn’t the case, but it will use a lot more energy. This is because the Heat Pump will struggle to achieve 27 degrees and go into defrost earlier because it is running continuously to get to 27 degrees, wasting energy and defrosting unnecessarily.

SHOULD I KEEP MY HEATPUMP RUNNING 24/7? 2015-07-22T18:23:15+00:00

No. Turn your Heat Pump off when you go to bed.

Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient types of electric home heating but have to be used wisely. Leaving the Heat Pump running 24 hours a day would clearly push the power bill up.

When you go to bed, the Heat Pump in a living room for example should be turned off. Otherwise you are simply wasting energy and pushing up your electricity bill unnecessarily.
Recent misleading publicity on the apparent high cost of heating homes using a Heat Pump, has lead some consumers to believe that Heat Pumps are much more expensive to run then conventional heating methods. Power companies have blamed unexpected increases in power bill estimates on the “catch up” that is accounted for in the bill when comparing last season’s power consumption to the current reading made.

Don’t leave any heating appliance running 24/7

One would not leave an electric bar heater running 24/7 so common sense should also prevail with the practical use of a Heat Pump in the home.

If a 3.5kW electric bar heater was left on for 24 hours over a whole month you could expect a power bill with a heating component in excess of $567 inc GST!
If a 3.5kW Heat Pump was run sensibly a couple of hours in the morning before going to work and then around 4 hours in the evening at an average outdoor temperature of 7°C for a whole month, the consumer could expect a heating bill of around $40.50 inc GST per month. A 3.5 kW electric bar heater run for the same time would cost $141.75 inc GST per month in electricity!

WHAT’S THE BEST TEMPERATURE? 2016-10-20T17:13:56+00:00

Set the temperature between 18 – 22 degrees heating on the remote control for a comfortable indoor ambience during winter. This could be programmed on the remote control to be activated 30 to 60 minutes before coming home during the week to ensure you come home to a warm, pre-heated room.


Tips for using a heat pump efficiently

Like any heating option, heat pumps give the best energy savings when they are used smartly. You can save hundreds of dollars extra on your power bill a year with a few simple actions:

  • Only heat the space you’re actually using, shutting doors and curtains to keep the heat in.
  • Set the thermostat to a healthy temperature. Aim for a minimum of 18ºC while you are using a space (or 20ºC if you have children, elderly or people who are unwell in the home) and 16ºC in bedrooms overnight.
  • Learn to use the timer features. Don’t leave your heat pump on all day if you’re not there. You can set the unit to turn on half an hour or so before you get home.
  • Clean the filter (inside and outside) regularly, as per the manufacturers instructions.

Avoid using it as an airconditioner when you can. Try opening windows and doors on either side of the house to get a through breeze. Close curtains on hot, sunny days to keep you home cool and shady.

WHAT DO I DO TO LOOK AFTER MY HEATPUMP? 2015-06-27T18:42:38+00:00

We recommend you remove & clean your heat pump filters each month. Turn your heat pump off, take the filters out and wash them under a running tap to remove the dust build up. Dry the filter & then replace it back into the heat pump. We also recommend you get your heat pump serviced once a year. Contact us today to enquire about our great heat pump servicing contract. If you would like a friendly email reminder to service your heat pump, just add your details on the footer of this page.


Here at Comfort Air we are not focused on price, we are focused on ensuring we find the best home or office solution for each customer. With over 20 years experience in product sales and servicing, Andy and the team are here for the duration. We aren’t going to bale on you after selling you a system.

WHY SHOULD I BUY A HEATPUMP? 2015-06-27T18:35:24+00:00

There are many many answers to this question. Heat pumps are a healthy, cost efficient way of heating, cooling & dehumidifying your home. Contact us today and one of our specialists can assess your home or office and explain the many benefits of installing a heat pump.